Penang Hill Railway

Penang Hill

Penang Hill Railway

 Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

The Penang Hill Railway is a one section funicular railway which climbs the Penang Hill from Air Itam, near George town on the island of Penang in Malaysia. The railway first opened in 1923 as a two-section railway, and the system was overhauled in 2010. The total journey time can take between five to twenty minutes. The funicular train coach travels directly from the lower station to the top, but may stop at other intermediate stations upon request.

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Other attractions at Penang Hill


Go explore the forests of Penang Hill, and discover interesting plants such as tropical oak trees and also the interesting carnivorous pitcher plant. Marvel at the tree Ferns and cycads which remained largely unchanged since the Jurassic period!

The Pitcher plant, a member of the Nepenthes genus, is locally known as the Monkey Cup. True to its name, the plant produces pitchers at the tips of their leaves.

Innocent as it may appear, the pitcher is actually a deadly trap. The rim of the pitcher produces a secretion which attracts insects to it. As insect lands on the slippery rim, it experiences a slippery landing, right into the pool of water at the base of the pitcher.

This liquid contains a digestive enzyme, which will slowly digest and turn the insect into a broth. The decomposed product is then absorbed by the plants as food.

The species commonly found in Penang Hill is the Nepenthes albmarginata, which has a white ring just below the rim, as the name ampl

If asked to suggest the name of a flower that would best represent Penang Hill, or for that matter Penang Island, it would be the orchid flower Paphiopedilum barbatum or Slipper Orchid. The flower is known and sought after throughout the world.

In earlier days, the plant could be found growing luxuriantly on rocks in the cool, shady environment of the hill forest. Unfortunately these plants are being stripped from their natural habitat and exported overseas where they are in great demand. It is indeed sad that this has to happen.

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The dusky leaf monkey is also known as the spectacled langur, or spectacled leaf monkey. They are very cute looking creatures. There are large white circles ringing each eye giving the appearance of sporting eyeglasses, with a thatch of light fur crowning its head. In addition to the white circles around each eye, the dusky leaf monkey also has white skin surrounding its mouth and creamy white colouring on its stomach region. The hands and feet are capable of grasping and closely resemble those of humans. The palms and soles are hairless and usually black. Newly born dusky leaf monkeys are bright yellow or orange in colour, and have a pink face; the fur changes to a greyish colour within six months


The Black Giant Squirrel is one of the largest squirrels in the world. It inhabits tall primary forest and generally remains high in the canopy, but at times may be found at lower levels when feeding. It is largely solitary in habits and extremely shy, rarely coming to ground. It can confidently make huge leaps from branch to branch in the high canopy. Its upperparts and tail are jet black, but the cheeks, chest, front of the forelimbs and underparts are cream or orange. The tail is long and dorso-ventrally flattened. Fruits, seeds and young leaves make up its diet, supplemented by occasional insects and sometimes birds eggs. It builds a large, spherical nest of leaves and twigs.


The greater racket-tailed drongo is a medium-sized Asian bird which is distinctive in having elongated outer tail. The tail streamers can be up to 30 cm long. The whole bird looks black. The upper parts are glossy blackish blue and the underparts do not have the glossy except for the throat and breast. Bill black with short rough crest. Eyes are red. The tails is slightly forked with two bare tail streamers that end in a twisted racket of a feather. The tail streamers can sometime be missing or broken off. It is a noisy bird and mimics other bird calls. Can be sighted along the Summit Road and By-paths of Penang Hill.

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At the apex of the hill near to the train station the focus is on enhancing visitors experience, maximizing the stunning views and resolving space needs. Both soft and hard landscaping have been extensively used to augment the hilltop forest experience. The holding area has been expanded for shade and shelter while large viewing decks and pathways with luxuriant planting have been fashioned into the slopes to create a journey of discovery. Three viewing decks with gardens at varying heights provide changing panoramic vistas while two additional platforms at the lower level allow rest under natural forest shading. The Skyway will allow stunning 360° views while fulfilling all accessibility needs.

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Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan, or better known as the Penang Hill Hindu Temple, is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Penang. It started off in the 1800’s as a small shrine to the Hindu deity Murugan – the deity associated with Thaipusam – by the Indian sepoys and sedan chair carriers, and is located at a mount within Penang Hill called Gun Hill. A trident, or Murugan Vel, was installed there by the devotees. Over the years, it was enlarged and rebuilt. The present-day incarnation of the Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan is a very ornate Hindu temple in the Dravidian architectural style of South India.

The Dravidian style of constructing Hindu temples calls for four principal parts. The temple proper, or vimana, is the shrine with a tower, a mandapa, or porch, gopurams, or gate towers, and chawadis, or pillar halls. In addition, there would usually be a tank of water for use in sacred rituals or for cleansing.

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Penang Hill Mosque, or Masjid Bukit Bendera, is the only mosque on Penang Hill. Erected to the use of Muslims living and working on the hill, the mosque is located at a short distance from the Penang Hill Hindu Temple. The majority of users of the mosque are those working at the stalls near the Penang Hill Railway Station, government servants attached to the post office, and other departments on Penang Hill.

The Penang Hill Mosque brings Islamic architecture to the otherwise colonial buildings of Penang Hill. Its minarets and domes stand in stark contrast to the surroundings, balanced only by the existence of the Hindu temple nearby.

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Bel Retiro is a government bungalow on Penang Hill. It was built in 1789 for the governor of Penang, and remains within the exclusive use of the government. It is the most prestigious property on Penang Hill, built in the 1800s as a resort for high government officials and visiting dignitaries. Bel Retiro Bungalow was the favourite retreat of the first Yang di-Pertuan Agung and Tunku Abdul Rahman whenever they visit Penang. Senior government officers built their bungalows close to Bel Retiro, on the principle of closeness is next to greatness.

Although the bungalow itself is out-of-bounds to the general public, one can hike up to its gate, a beautiful brick structure with an arch entranceway.

Visitors can go all the way to the gateway of the Bel Retiro Bungalow but no farther as it is private property.

Getting there : Take the Penang Hill Railway to reach Penang Hill then walk along the main road, Jalan Tuanku Yahya Petra until the Penang Hill Police Station. From the Penang Hill Central Square, climb the hill towards the Penang Hill Mosque. Bel Retiro is located just beyond the mosque.

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Opening hours:

Normal days : 9.00am to 7.00pm

Weekend and public holiday : 8.00am to 9.00pm

Entrance fee :

Adult : RM 12.00

Senior Citizen : RM 6.00

Kids (Above 7 years old) : RM 6.00

Kids (Below 7 years old) : Free

(Total price is inclusive of GST)

The museum’s owls are made from a myriad of materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass, clay, plastic, buffalo horn, seashells, beans, plant fibres, crystal, porcelain, earthenware, paper and recycled items. Special collections on loan from private collectors are also on display.

For more information please contact 04-826 5704

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Adorn yourself with the art of henna tattoos from the famous Penang Hill Henna Artists. They have been providing amazing and quality work for years since 1994. Their services include face painting, body art and super-fast airbrush tattoos. This henna artist uses all-natural and safe ingredients for a one-of-a-kind piece of body art. Have a patch on you !

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Tour Malaysia’s contribution to the world’s legacy of love as you stands 823 metres above sea level on the observation deck of the Bukit Bendera.  Aptly launched on Valentine’s Day of 2014, the lover’s promenade hosts the promises of eternity for couples who seal their affection with creatively-decorated padlocks. There’s no place more suited to profess your love than at Love Lock Penang Hill.

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Wax Hand is a unique form of souvenir-cum-memorabilia merchandise in Penang Hill.  Dip your hand into the liquid wax and create your own art form hand impression. The experience of having your hand made out of wax with your loved ones will increase the sentimental value of the product beyond the price. Virtually any pose formed by the hand can be made. If undecided, you can also imitate the poses from their display showcases. For double hands, both hands are required to be paired up to replicate the best effect. Again, the Wax Hand staffs will guide the pair of hands to form an attractive and befitting pose. Their wax is specially formulated not to cause any harmful reactions to the skin. From their countless experiences, even babies have undergone the waxing process unharmed. Your colourful molded souvenir impression can be taken home and enjoyed by your friends and family.

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Penang Hill Railway
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