Shanti Kunj

Shanti Kunj

Shanti Kunj

Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016

Phone: 0172 274 0420

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Shanti Kunj is situated between Rose Garden and Cricket in Sector 16. This is a completely noise-free area with natural undulations. The natural stream running through this garden divides the park into five areas. The five parts of the garden depict different kinds of trees such as medicinal plants, vertical shaped trees, flowering trees, trees for shade and environmentally suitable areas.

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Shanti Kunj garden located between Cricket stadium at sector- 16and Rose garden presents a serene, pollution free atmosphere in Chandigarh city. Large amount of trees and plants in the garden provide soothing effect even in hot summer months. There are numerous herbs and medicinal plants in this garden which provide excellent healing effect. Shanti Kunj garden is divided into five segments by a natural stream flowing through the garden.
ShantiKunj is dedicated to impart spiritual, cultural, moral and ethical consciousness among people. The main motto of this ashram is to keep up national integration and work towards global peace, harmony, friendship and universal brotherhoodness. People from all faiths, caste, creed, religion, sect and region visit this serene atmosphere to offer their prayers for universal peace.
ShantiKunj works towards achieving its target of national integration, unity, elimination of jealousy, ignorance and hatred by using age old traditions of Mantra, Sanskar and Yagya. Motivational lectures are also conducted to bring about importance of human values and virtues in life.
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Visiting hours : Open 24 hours

Shanti Kunj
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