Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine│Vezelay Abbey

 Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine

Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine│ Vezelay Abbey

89450 Vézelay, France.    Phone : +33 3 86 33 39 50

Image Credit : wikipedia, Attribution: Dietrich Krieger

Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine │Vézelay Abbey was a Benedictine and Cluniac monastery in Vézelay in the Yonne department in northern Burgundy, France. The Benedictine abbey church, now the Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine (Saint Mary Magdalene), with its complicated program of imagery in sculpted capitals and portals, is one of the outstanding masterpieces of Burgundian Romanesque art and architecture. Sacked by the Huguenots in 1569, the building suffered neglect in the 17th and the 18th centuries and some further damage during the period of the French Revolution.
The Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine and hill at Vézelay were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.
Claimed relics of Mary Magdalene can be seen inside the Basilica
Source : wikipedia

Basilica of Sainte Marie Madeleine│Vezelay Abbey
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