Dom Pedro V Theatre

Dom Pedro V Theatre

Dom Pedro V Theatre

Calçada do Teatro, Largo de St Agostinho

Phone : +853 2893 9646

The Dom Pedro V Theatre , situated at Largo de Santo Agostinho,St. Lawrence Parish, MacauChina. It is one of the first western-style theatres in China. The theater is an important landmark in the region and remains a venue for important public events and celebrations today. The Dom Pedro V Theatre was built in 1860 by local Portuguese to commemorate their reigning king, Peter V. The theater is neo-classical in design, incorporating a portico front on a rectilinear plan. Its current façade was added in 1873. The building is 41.5 metres long and 22 metres wide. It used to be a regular meeting place for the Portuguese and Macanese people living in Macau.

Apart from being a theatre, it features a ballroom, a study room and a Billiard room.

Hosted the Italian opera Madama Butterfly’s premiere in Asia.

Was used as a refugee shelter in the second world war.

Undergone various reconstructions throughout its history.It discontinued operating and was left unused for almost two decades due to structural corrosion by termites before reopened in 1993 after large scale renovations.

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Having spent over a century in vivid use by the Macau community, the Dom Pedro V Theatre is now one of the important historic buildings in the Historic Centre of Macau ensemble inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Theatre has survived as a witness to the bygone leisure and entertainment activities of the Macanese community and today remains a tremendously refined and distinctive performing venue foe culture and arts, staying true to its traditional function and historic legacy. It stands as one of the most important and enduring testimonies to the development of Macau’s performing arts.

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Opening hours : 09.00AM to 06.00PM (closed on Tuesday)

Getting there : Bus: 3, 4, 6A, 8A, 19

Dom Pedro V Theatre
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