Camoes Garden

Camoes Garden

Camoes Garden

Praça de Luís de Camões, Macau

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In the 18th century this hilly, heavily wooded garden formed part of the grounds of the house which was occupied by the Chairman of the British East India Company, known as Casa Garden, which now houses an art gallery, and the Old Protestant Cemetery, filled with walkways, flowering trees, and old headstones marking the graves of merchants, missionaries, and others from foreign lands who made their home in Macao.

In 1835 the British moved out and the Portuguese owner had a grotto built around a bust of Portugal’s national poet, Luís de Camões.The present bronze bust was installed in 1886 when the grotto became state property. Behind the grotto, paths lead up to a wooded hill with a Chinese pavilion and stone tables and stools, where local men gather to play Chinese chess. In front of the grotto is a spacious garden, with benches shaded by banyan trees, where people bring their caged birds for an outing, do their morning tai chi exercises, or meet with friends. At the entrance of the Camoes garden is a fountain that contains a bronze sculpture entitled “Embrace”, specially made to symbolize the centuries’ old friendship between Portugal and China.

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The small mountains, the topping trees, the flourishing grass and flowers will all capture your imagination as you walk through the garden Camoes. As you walk along the winding paths, you will reach the highest point in the park, the Gazebo, where you can enjoy the striking views of the inner harbor. Looking north, you will see a man-made fountain built in 1990.

Camoes Garden is a popular spot for locals to do their morning exercises, to play chess, to walk their caged birds (a Chinese custom) or to meet with friends. It’s an oasis in the busy city.

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Opening hours : 06.00AM to 10.00PM

Getting there : Bus 17


Camoes Garden
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