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Thangu is located at an altitude of 13000 feet. It is about 30 kilometers north of Lachen. Since it is located at a high altitude, the place remains covered with snow for most of the time. Especially from the month of October to March, the land is shrouded with the white blanket of snow. But this whiteness turns to a collage of numerous shades in May with the commencement of the blossoming season. The alpine vegetation of Thangu is acclaimed for its natural beauty bestowed from the hand of God.

It is a small village where many visitors usually acclimatize before they proceed to Gurudongmar Lake or Muguthang. Its alpine meadows are dotted with wooden houses and army camps. The calm water of Teesta flowing through the valley presents a fantastic contrast. Mostly inhabited by the Nomadic tribes, the valley  is trespassed and crisscrossed by a number of streams and rivulets, the most important of them are Chopta Chu, Thangu Chu and Lassur Chu.
The routes from here to Chopta Valley and Muguthang are for some visitors who would like to trek and explore the area.

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