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Paragliding Sikkim is becoming an increasingly popular adventure sport. The adrenalin rush to soar the skies is a memorable experience. Enjoy views of the magnificent Himalayan range in its snow covered glory from the sky as you fly like a bird.

No experience or training is required to enjoy paragliding Sikkim. Paragliding operators here offer Tandem Flights. It means that an experienced and certified pilot will accompany you. Both pilot and the passenger sit safely and comfortably in a harness which is attached to the paraglider. The pilot navigates the flight. So after an easy take off, you are left to enjoy the flight and the breathtaking views.

However paragliding needs you to be physically fit and within normal weight limits (90 kg). While the pilot does the job of navigation, you will need to participate in takeoff and landing. So wear sneakers, jeans/trousers etc.

There are two types of paragliding flights available for the adventure lovers and both are offered with Tandem Flights, accompanied by a certified pilot.

The first type of Paragliding flight is known as Medium Fly. As the name suggests, you will fly at a medium altitude of about 1300- 1400 meters. The flying time is 5-10 minutes.

The second type of paragliding flight is High Fly where you will fly at a higher altitude. The take-off location altitude is 2,200 meters. The total flying time in high fly is 20-30 minute.

Gangtok, the capital city offers the thrilling adventure sport. There are numerous tour operators offering deals for paragliding. Sikkim has some excellent launching ridges and sites. It will create some of the best paragliding experience in the country.
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For Experiencing Para gliding You van contact

  1. Sikkim Paragliding Adventure Sports Co-Operative Society Ltd., Gangtok, Sikkim 737103

Phone : 098323 90556

  1. Flysikkim Adventure, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101

Phone :+91 91972 07767


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