Museum Of The Word

Museum of the Word

Museum Of The Word

P.O.Box4, Vembayam P.O. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Phone : +91 949 599 8555

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Museum Of The Word is the accomplishment of the vision granted by the Almighty God to Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis to showcase the progress of mankind ever since the Almighty God gave the Word written by His own finger to them. The first of its kind in the world, the Museum of the Word , is truly a museum of museums showcasing the impact of the Holy Bible and its heritage, on the history, evolution and progress of mankind. The Museum with its innovative and educational design works to engage audiences of all ages and lead them on a journey across different exhibitions and displays to the world of history, art and culture and Scripture.
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For the young and young at heart, Toyland is a colorful collection of toys of every kind that promises to make you smile.
Learn more about the Bible, its history, biblical timelines and more through our wide assortment of charts across the museum.
Walk through this arcade, a tribute to Pope Saint John Paul II, and learn more about the Vatican and the Papacy.
Celebrate the beauty of God’s Creation as captured through a variety of exquisite ceramic artistry.
Source : Museum of the Word
Visiting hours : 10.00am to 06.00 pm all days of the week

Museum Of The Word
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