Dream Land Munnar

Dream Land Munnar

Dream Land Munnar

Chithirapuram P.O,
Anachal, Kerala, India – 685565
Ph: +91 949 745 8526 / +91 949 745 8528

Image Credit : dreamlandspicepark

Dream Land Munnar is a fun place with lot of activities and rides to keep the entire family busy all day along. Munnar, one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala, is not really known for adventure sports. But if you are keen on some high energy activities in the lap of the nature, you won’t be disappointed. Dream Land Spices Park is a place with full of energy and fun. It’s an activity park setup in a tea plantation with lot of fun rides and activities to keep the entire family busy all day.
The park is located near Anachal, a little off the main road from Adimali to Munnar. The parking area and ticket counter are on the highest elevation of the park. Once we exit from the ticket counter, we will see the beautifully landscaped tea plantation.
Rides & Activities
Children Rides : https://goo.gl/A1XbXM
Youth Rides : https://goo.gl/ZdxKnZ
Family Rides : https://goo.gl/tWBGJU
Off Road Rides : https://goo.gl/zuLZuc
Horror House : https://goo.gl/rdcqqf


Dream Land Munnar
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