Thommankuthu Water Falls

Thommankuthu water falls

Thommankuthu Water Falls

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Thommankuthu is a popular picnic spot situated about 18 km from Thodupuzha town. The waterfall gets its name from Kolumban, a tribal leader who was washed away in the water long ago. The height of the waterfall is 1,500m. Foreign and native tourists in large numbers visit the place to spend time at the seven-step waterfall with pools at each step.
A 12km trek would take you to the top of the mountain and the journey and the view from the top are equally beautiful. Trekking, night camping and bird watching are some of the recommended experiences.
Travellers can contact the District Tourism Promotion Council, Idukki, or the Divisional Forest Office of the State Department of Forests and Wildlife for enquiries.
District Tourism Promotion Council Office
Ph: +91 486-2232248
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Thommankuthu Water Falls
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