Pineview Nursery

Pineview Nursery

Pineview Nursery

Atisha Road, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734301

Phone :9932201932 / 9932201930

The Pineview Nursery on Atisha road in Kalimpong is located at a height of 4000ft., two kms. off Kalimpong town. Here you can see thousands of Cactus plants imported from Africa, the Mediteranean, Jamaica,Cuba, North and South America. This nursery has the largest collection of Cactus in the whole of Asia. The nursery is spread over in 2 acres and cactus are grown here which has been collected since 40 years. “A hobby that started 423 years ago is a full-blown affair for Indian Cactus grower Mohan.S.Pradhan. Asia’s largest collection of Cacti is tucked away at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in the station of Kalimpong”….Christina Pfeiffer (Issue : Sept/Oct 2006, The Magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines)


Visiting hours : 09.00AM to 05.00PM Monday – Saturday

Entry fee : Rs.10/- per person

Pineview Nursery
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