Ngong Ping 360 

Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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Ngong Ping 360
The Ngong Ping 360 is an aerial tramway on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Intended to improve tourism to the area, the aerial tramway was previously known as Tung Chung Cable Car Project before acquiring the Ngong Ping 360 brand in April 2005. It consists of the Ngong Ping Cable Car, a gondola lift formerly known as the Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail, and the Ngong Ping Village, a retail and entertainment centre adjacent to the cable car’s upper station. Ngong Ping 360 connects Tung Chung, on the north coast of Lantau and itself linked to central Hong Kong by the Tung Chung Line, with the Ngong Ping area in the hills above. This is home to the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha, both already significant tourist attractions in their own right. Before Ngong Ping 360’s opening, the only access was via a mountain road and bus service.
Ngong Ping 360 is owned by the MTR Corporation, the operator of Hong Kong’s rail system. It was built by Leitner Ropeways and was originally operated by Skyrail-ITM. Skyrail-ITM was removed from the project after an investigation following an incident in June 2007. It is now operated by a directly owned subsidiary of the MTR Corporation.

Ngong Ping Cable Car
Ngong Ping Cable Car is a 5.7-kilometre (3.5 mi) long bi-cable gondola lift system (referred to by its operators as a “cable car”) linking between Tung Chung (where it connects the MTR Tung Chung station) and Ngong Ping (where the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha are located). Between the two terminals at Tung Chung and Ngong Ping, the lift system runs across the southern shore of the Hong Kong International Airport island and Nei Lak Shan, with eight towers including the stations. Five of the towers are located within the country park.
The cable car journey offers a 25-minute aerial alternative to the current one-hour journey by Tung Chung Road, allowing visitors to glide across Tung Chung Bay and up to Lantau Island towards Ngong Ping Plateau.
The cableway starts at the Tung Chung Terminal, runs across Tung Chung Bay to an angle station on Airport Island, where it turns through about 60 degrees before returning across Tung Chung Bay. It then runs up the Lantau North Country Park to another angle station near Nei Lak Shan, before finally descending to the Ngong Ping Terminal.
During the 25 minute journey, travellers can see panoramic views over the North Lantau Country Park, the South China Sea, Hong Kong International Airport, the Tung Chung valley, Ngong Ping Plateau and surrounding terrain and waterways. As visitors approach Ngong Ping, they can see The Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery

Ngong Ping Village
The Ngong Ping Village, built next to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, occupies a 15,000 square metre site and has been designed to mirror and uphold the cultural and spiritual veracity of the Ngong Ping area. Traditional Chinese architectural designs are a feature of the Ngong Ping Village, which contains an assortment of shopping and dining experiences, on top of a number of key attractions including Walking with Buddha, the Monkey’s Tale Theatre and the Ngong Ping Tea House. Chinese New Year, Christmas and the three days of Buddha’s birthday are among the most crowded days.[citation needed]
Ngong Ping Village’s international cable car gallery has cable car replicas from various countries including China, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Austria, France, Italy, Germany etc.
Source : wikipedia 
Try the Crystal cabin featuring a glass bottom, which gives an astonishing bird’s eye view of the world below the cable car. Experience the magic of the deep blue sea and the lush green mountainside underneath your feet! Be thrilled by the feel of flying and yet getting close to nature’s beauty.
Just five minutes walk from Ngong Ping Village, you’ll find the Po Lin Monastery and the serene Giant Budhha (Tian Tan Buddha), the world’s tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha statue.


Visiting hours  : Week days  10.00AM to 6.00PM and weekends & Public holidays 09.00AM to


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Getting there  : 

1.MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B, then take bus 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre.
2.MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B, then take Ngong Ping Cable Car.


Ngong Ping 360 
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