Zervos Museum – Romain-Rolland House

Zervos Museum – Romain-Rolland House

14 rue Saint-Étienne
89450 Vézelay. Phone: +33 3 86 32 39 26

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The Zervos Museum is housed in an old house where the writer Romain Rolland lived from 1938 and where he died in 1944. The museum, opened in 2006, houses the most beautiful pieces of the collection bequeathed in 1970 to the city of Vézelay by Christian Zervos . Critic and publisher of art, founder of the magazine Cahiers d’art published from 1926 to 1960, Christian Zervos rubbed shoulders with the greatest artists of the twentieth century .
On the ground floor, small sculptures and an imposing cast iron relief by Henri Laurens alongside a large mobile Calder, while in the room Picasso, works by Pablo Picasso and Julio González show the links that existed between these two artists.
Upstairs are sculptures by Giacometti , paintings by Ernst ( The Grasshopper ), Kandinsky , Miró , Jean Helion , Victor Brauner and Willi Baumeister . For the 1950s, works by Jacques Villon , Nicolas de Stael , Serge Poliakoff , Joseph Sima or Etienne Hajdu

The room of Romain Rolland is preserved; furniture of the writer is presented.

In the attic are exposed the Cahiers d’Art , the catalog raisonné of the work of Picasso (undertaken by Zervos in 1932, at the request of the artist) and his publisher activity showing the great diversity of talents of Zervos, and his curiosity with the collection of objects from the ancient Mediterranean world: Cycladic idols, figurines from Egypt, Cyprus and archaic Greece.
The first mural of Fernand Léger , made in Vézelay, is presented on the ground floor in a space giving access to the terrace and the gardener’s house , reserved for temporary presentations.
The museum has medieval basements and its terrace opens onto the Morvan .
Source : wikipedia

Opening hours : 10.00 AM to 06.00PM all days of the week
Entry : Free

Zervos Museum – Romain-Rolland House
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