Notre Dame Church In Saint Pere

Notre Dame Church In Saint Pere

Notre Dame Church In Saint Pere

Rue Abbot Pissier
89450 Saint-Pere- Sous-Vezelay
Telephone: 03 86 33 26 62 (Town Hall)
Telephone: 03 86 33 37 31 (Museum)

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A true gem of Burgundian Gothic art, the Church of Saint-Père deserves the greatest attention.
Built from the 13th to the 15th century. and dedicated to the Virgin, it became a parish church in the sixteenth century, succeeding the old church of St. Peter (which we can still see the ruins at the southern exit of the village) which gave its name to the village .
The bell tower, of the thirteenth century, elegant and airy, more than fifty meters high, presents at the four corners of the tower, angels ringing the olifant to call all the men before the Sovereign Judge.
Under the porch one can see, carved in the round, a woman accompanied by a man holding a model church and specialists admit this couple as the founders. This man and this woman, although very fortunate, were not noble and after their disappearance, the church could not enjoy any income, as the curious inscription of the central trilobe portal specifies. The porch is also home to a beautiful woman’s tomb dated 1258. This is the only item dated from the church.
At the great pinnacle dominating the narthex, Christ sits on a throne, surrounded by saints and according to the meticulous description of Father Pissier, erudite archaeologist and former pastor of the village, the grand facade of the church and the porch is like an immense representation of the last judgment, which testifies to the essentially funerary character of this church.
The interior of the monument, very bare, has a luminous nave of great purity, completed by five radiant chapels. In the entrance we can see two cast iron font of the fourteenth century and, along the collateral, the tombs of the supposed founders of which one of the recumbent, unfortunately mutilated, is still in place.
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Opening hours : Guided tours: all year long, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6:30 pm
Suggested duration : 1 hour

Notre Dame Church In Saint Pere
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